Classes typically follow this general schedule: we warm up with a series of qigong movements, often from the Eight pieces of Brocade, but we pull movements from all sorts of qigong practices.

We then walk through our tai chi form together (either our short form or long Yang-style form or both), and then focus on individual tai chi development: form and postures, principles and theories, breath and of course answering questions. We close with some gentle qigong exercises.

Our classes are highly participatory, so attend with questions, observations, critiques or issues.

Our Style

We look at Tai Chi and Qigong in a non-secular way which means that it's up to you to decide if the ancient knowledge applies to you or not. Having said that, we draw teaching inspiration from:

  • Our own experiences in learning and teaching with our teacher(s), the various forms

  • The Dao De Jing

  • Tai Chi Classics and other Taiji/Qigong-related texts from various authors

  • Our custom-derived teaching methodologies

Join Us-but please RSVP

We have a nice mix of students at all levels. We welcome new students all of the time. Please call or send a message through this site to let us know that you are coming and to ensure that we have room.

Studio Times/Class Info

Classes are at a studio in Englewood, CO: Saturdays from 11am - 12pm. See our contact page for map and details.

We adhere to health concerns, wearing a mask indoors to protect each other - being vaccinated is a scientifically proven way to keep us all safe.

OTHER TIMES BY APPOINTMENT (Including Yang-Style Sword Form).

We are conveniently located for anyone in Littleton, Englewood, Lakewood, Centennial, Cherry Creek and of course Denver (esp. Washington Park and South Pearl St.).

Classes at Your Place

Contact us to discuss our "Qigong at work" or "Tai Chi at Work" classes at your place.

We provide classes at various clubhouses, recreation centers and office locations (for wellness programs/in-services) across the metro area.


Classes are $100.00 for a punch-card so that you only use punches when you attend. Your first class or drop-in: $20.00 per class.

The cost for classes at "Your Place" are determined when we discuss your needs.